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UNHS 15FW Box Logo Crewneck Black White Navy Grey Pink Camo

Код товара: No.SP套01-03-30、02-01-30、02-03-10
продаж: 1253
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USD $75.00
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Сохранить $15.10(20% Off)
  • цвет:
    White Grey Navy Blue Pink Camo
  • размер:
    Small Medium Large X-Large
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  • Описание

⦁    Sup box logo

⦁    FW15, in the white, black, grey, navy, pink and camo colorway

⦁    Box logos are the most hyped items, and with these you can flex on your friends with your superior style

⦁    Made with the same quality materials and stitched logo as the OG

⦁    Rare, very expensive pieces that will be perfect for any collection

S Bust 110cm Shoulder 45cm Length 68cm Sleeve 64cm 

M Bust 114cm Shoulder 47cm Length 71cm Sleeve 65cm 

L Bust 118cm Shoulder 49cm Length 72cm Sleeve 66cm 

XL Bust 124cm Shoulder 51cm Length 74.5cm Sleeve 67.5cm


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  • НаписанныеLucas Liboiron
  • Apr 12, 2017
First things first: This crewneck is amazing quality. Its identical to the true preme crewneck and its amazing quality. But in my opinion i still feel 69$ is a little high as it also costs another 20$ for shipping. I had no horizontal lines, no floating E and everything exact. I was excited when i got it!! A little backstory on my history. First time buying from the website, i made a order of 250$ with a pair of shoes, banner shorts, and a white crewneck. It all went good when it was almost 3 weeks of "Awaiting shipping". I emailed them and they replied saying "its sold out, refund / exchange?". Idk it kinda made me mad because i was waiting 3 weeks when it was sold out this whole time and i could've gotten something else, but whatever Their customer support was nice and friendly, refunding me everything, and it turned out for the better because when i bought again, it was on sale for 50$. Also I'm 6 Foot, 155 pounds, muscular / bigger build, Large fits be perfect even though i usually wear medium sweaters, and small / medium shirts.

  • НаписанныеHenry Godbolt IV
  • Jan 04, 2017
Overall 5 stars, 5 stars down the board. Hands down a perfect product. The Crewneck I received had practically no flaws, was made with very thick cotton, and arrived smelling fresh as ever. Check out my video for more looks and information! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggGOXKMwJZA

  • Написанныеjack
  • Jan 01, 2017

  • НаписанныеLIL YACHTY
  • Dec 29, 2016

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